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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Shopping & Organization

I have found over the years that making a shopping list is VERY important on a budget or just because it's easier. Each week I make a menu of the week’s dinners, what I need for lunches, breakfast, and snacks. This saves from duplication and an unending supply of ITEMS ON SALE.
Living in a Tin Can I can't buy much in bulk so I try to be VERY frugal.

My cabinets are organized and I have some bulk items in buckets like flour and sugar. Living in a humid area and surrounded by possible Sugar Ants and Red Ants I put all my bags of noodles, cookies, crackers,syrup,honey, cereal....anything from a bag or box in plastic containers or large sealed bags.
Here is my way of organizing. Thank goodness for those plastic wire stackables and buckets.

Upper Cabinet Storage

Lower Cabinet Storage

Updated Organized Counter

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