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Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Chicken Chicken I am tired of chicken

Thank goodness it is Thanksgiving. Turkey is so much better.
In a previous post I mentioned that folks who are a blood type B should not each chicken and most recipes call for chicken. I try to substitute turkey or beef as much as I can.

Type B Diet

For Type Bs the biggest factors in weight gain are corn, wheat, buckwheat, lentils, tomatoes, peanuts and sesame seeds. Each of these foods affect the efficiency of your metabolic process, resulting in fatigue, fluid retention, and hypoglycemia - a severe drop in blood sugar after eating a meal. When you eliminate these foods and begin eating a diet that is right for your type, you blood sugar levels should remain normal after meals. Another very common food that Type Bs should avoid is chicken. Chicken contains a Blood Type B agglutinating lectin in its muscle tissue. Although chicken is a lean meat, the issue is the power of an agglutinating lectin attacking your bloodstream and the potential for it to lead to strokes and immune disorders. Dr. D'Adamo suggests that you wean yourself away from chicken and replace them with highly beneficial foods such as goat, lamb, mutton, rabbit and venison. Other foods that encourage weight loss are green vegetables, eggs, beneficial meats, and low fat dairy. When the toxic foods are avoided and replaced with beneficial foods, Blood Type Bs are very successful in controlling their weight.

Blood Type B

Sunday, September 3, 2017

Back to my low carb life

Seems I always put off what I need to do today. How about you?
I have 1 year and 3 months before I start collecting Social Security. Yes, I will start at 65 no matter what SS says.
Being overweight is not an option when applying for secondary insurance with Medicare. I need to be lighter before I apply. This is my goal. Fifteen months seems fairly reasonable.

I need to get real I copied quite a few low carb recipes from Low Carb Healthy Recipes Facebook page. They have a lot of good ideas along with great recipes. Hubby said he will eat what ever I eat, so that makes it easier.
Here is another site called "I Breath I'm Healthy"
I am going to start with this each morning before breakfast.

Dr. Oz's Swimsuit Slim down Drink
1 cup grapefruit or orange or pineapple juice,
2 tsp apple cider vinegar
1 tsp honey

Drink before each meal ... breaks down fat cells faster than anything else.

Anything that breaks fat down is my friend. Besides apple cider vinegar is good for a lot of things. As a child I used to put this in my hair after I washed it. It makes brown or dark hair shine. My brown hair is long gone.
Here are a few more uses. 

Lowers Blood Pressure

Regulates Blood Sugar

Aids Detoxification

Prevents Osteoporosis

Balances Body pH Levels....

Check out 21 benefits of apple cider vinegar

Wish me luck. 

Saturday, April 29, 2017

Parm green bean fries

Baked Parm Green Bean Fries

 Amazingly good. Remember use the powdered kind of Parmesan cheese. I had the grated and had to use the processor to make it easier. (1/2 C serving equals 2.1 carbs)
Today's lunch: Salad with 1/2 avo, cauliflower, and 2 tablespoons of homemade blue cheese dressing (soft blue cheese in a block, mayo, milk to thin). Slice of ham. total carbs for this meal 2.5 A very happy meal.

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Busy Sunday Cook Day

Our new RV space is only 1.3 miles from work. Life is sweet going home for lunch. I still need to make sure we have things to eat at lunch. I find it hard to cook four servings so we can have leftovers, unless I use the crock pot.
This week I am cooking hubby's favorites. He has had a summer cold so he needs some schmoozing.
  • First on his list is fried chicken livers. I bread them in flour, onion and garlic powder, and salt and pepper. 
  •  Next is his all time favorite cucumbers in sweet/sour liquid. I slice the cucumbers real thing along with yellow onions. The liquid is pretty easy. For two English Cucumbers (less seeds) I combine white vinegar, sugar, and water in equal portions. This batch used 3/4 of each ingredient. I topped with salt and pepper. The more they cure the better they get. 
  • I made roasted pablano/tomato/jalapeno salsa. I will be making enchiladas Tuesday and need to put some zip in the filling. Besides I buy tortillas and grill them into chips. 

  • Blueberry/walnut muffins made with applesauce instead of butter. A great compliment to fruit in the morning.
  • After that I sauteed two buckets of mushrooms sliced in two tablespoons of butter. Just wash them off under the faucet and season with salt and pepper. I add them to hubby's omelet along with tomatoes, jalapeno, and sauteed onions and topped with salsa.
  • After mushrooms I sauteed 1 3/4 sliced onions in two tablespoons butter and salt and pepper. You need to be quick before you go blind. lol I guess you could put them in a food processor/slicer and save your burning eyes. I cook them until they are light brown using a non stick pan.

    Most recipes use onions and mushrooms and add a great flavor. You can top them on a burger or, like I do in hubby's omelet.                                                                                                                       
  • Tonight is Salmon Caesar Salad with home made Caesar Salad Dressing and croutons

Saturday, January 21, 2017

From Menus to Winging It

Many times I have posted the grocery buying success of making a weekly/monthly menu and a shopping list from that list. I  have changed my method to suit my lifestyle.

Now days I buy the basic things I use in my recipes, meats/fish and poultry, spices, and frozen veggies. Since it is winter, I find that a good supply of frozen veggies is an asset. I can make Asian dishes, soups, crock pot meals, and stews easily with an addition of some frozen veggie.

When I buy things at Aldi's I can't buy one jalapeno. Instead I get 6. I use what I need for my roasted pablano/jalapeno salsa and freeze the rest of the jalapeno's for future use. I just take the seeds out and slice them in a container. (I am trying not to use as many disposable plastic bags)

So to make it simple I buy cans of broth, dry or canned beans, t-sauce, tomatoes in a can, fruit, baking supplies, and nuts (freeze to keep fresh). Bulk meat, chicken (separated for freezing), seafood, and fish. Aldi has individual packets of frozen salmon, flounder, and other fish along with shrimp in various sizes. 

Hubby said I do better when I just throw a dinner together than make a specific recipe. It must be due to years of cooking. When I come home I thaw a couple packets of salmon in water in the sink. I put my rice cooker on (while I take a shower) then saute veggies either fresh or frozen and WALA dinner. The catch is to thaw other meats out before I come home from work. Fortunately, I come home for lunch so I can put something out at that time.

I didn't think this would work, but it does. I really don't want to spend to much time in the kitchen. We eat from whole foods so I just dream up a dish and go for it. Hubby is happy.

Always ask  yourself if you REALLY need an item. I don't buy chips I buy tortillas and bake them for chips.