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Friday, November 1, 2013

Things have changed

Good news gang. My old job at a local Toyota dealership (like working retail)  has ended and my new job at the state of Texas has me working daytime with weekends off and lots of holidays. I can't believe I finally got this kind of job.
Now that is is finally fall in Texas my menus will change, along with working days I dont want to spend a lot of time when I get home making dinner. Yep, the old crock pot will be helping me out.
Since both of us take lunches its a challenge to get things done in the mornings. Remember a WEEKLY MENU is important. I always add what I want to make for our lunches on the menu so I can buy what I need.

My evening plan:

1) Always keep Weekly Menu handy.
2) Make dressings for salads and finger food dip
Hubby can only have 6 ounces of meat/fish a day soooooo this gets tricky. When he has meat for lunch he either gets a small amount and has more for dinner. I try to make it either. If he has veggies, fruit, nuts, and crackers for lunch, which he loves, then dinner is easy.As a carnavoir its hard to do this 6 ounce thing.
3) Cut up all veggies or finger food for lunch
4) Leftovers are a must.

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