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Saturday, May 2, 2015

How many Veggies did you buy this week?

I know I harp on buying produce and hopefully some of you have started to eat more real fiber. 
Here is something I did not know about. Next time you buy store bought bread look at the ingredients. You will see that they add vitamins back in the bread. All the vitamins in the processed grains disappear within 72 hours. All you have left is fiber, which is good I might add. Even if a store makes bread in house, how long has the flour set there? My goal is to buy the whole grains and use a hulling machine to make any grain products. Hulling only what I need for the next three days.

Remember we take a lunch to work and use veggies for snacks. I have an addiction to "Laughing Cow" cheese. I use celery stock to dip in this soft cheese for my 11am snack.
So here is my weekly purchase.

Some of this produce was bought at a local farmers market in Alvin, TX. It is called Frobergs.  This large tomato, lemons, green beans, jalapeno, oranges, grapefruit, onions, yellow squash, beets, red potatoes, and yams. The rest was bought at a local store here called HEB. Corn on the cob, celery, and skinny carrots (they carry a organic brand and these carrots are so very sweet. I usually buy my organic carrots at TJ's, for $.99, but we didn't go there this week. HEB's are $1.29. I will keep buying these skinny sweet young carrots).

Lots of things to make for next week. Here is my plan: Potato salad, fruit salad, apple/walnut muffins, and coleslaw.
I better get going....after laundry, of course.

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