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Sunday, September 3, 2017

Back to my low carb life

Seems I always put off what I need to do today. How about you?
I have 1 year and 3 months before I start collecting Social Security. Yes, I will start at 65 no matter what SS says.
Being overweight is not an option when applying for secondary insurance with Medicare. I need to be lighter before I apply. This is my goal. Fifteen months seems fairly reasonable.

I need to get real I copied quite a few low carb recipes from Low Carb Healthy Recipes Facebook page. They have a lot of good ideas along with great recipes. Hubby said he will eat what ever I eat, so that makes it easier.
Here is another site called "I Breath I'm Healthy"
I am going to start with this each morning before breakfast.

Dr. Oz's Swimsuit Slim down Drink
1 cup grapefruit or orange or pineapple juice,
2 tsp apple cider vinegar
1 tsp honey

Drink before each meal ... breaks down fat cells faster than anything else.

Anything that breaks fat down is my friend. Besides apple cider vinegar is good for a lot of things. As a child I used to put this in my hair after I washed it. It makes brown or dark hair shine. My brown hair is long gone.
Here are a few more uses. 

Lowers Blood Pressure

Regulates Blood Sugar

Aids Detoxification

Prevents Osteoporosis

Balances Body pH Levels....

Check out 21 benefits of apple cider vinegar

Wish me luck. 

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