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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Long Time No Blog....

Work has been consuming me along with lack of energy living in my Tin Can.

Hubby said he should have thought about expanding our outside living space years ago. So as you can see in the pictures below how we have expanded our living space. Fortunately, the end of our Tin Can gets afternoon shade, which really helps in the Texas summers. Also notice the great view from our corner spot. It's prime real estate here in this RV park.

Hubby is buying our charcoal grill today. Personally I don't want gas flames on my food. I opt for wood charcoal. Yes, it cooks faster so you have to be careful. The key is how close the heat is to your food. This will be a learning experience since I plan on cooking most everything outside. I think "Grill It" with Bobby Flay's site will be my new bible for cooking. That man can cook anything on the grill. I don't think I will make sauces there, but will grill all my food after preparation. Key word
"preparation". Planning the night before is essential if you work during the week. Marinade and chop up anything you need in the morning so you can just come home and grill. Then set outside and read or drink some adult beverages.
These fields usually have black angus, but they are putting in a water line so the cattle have been relocated to the other field. Meantime, it's a peacefull picture don't you think?
There is a business in the back.

Front door entrance. Notice the step
View from the other side.
Rear view...its nice

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