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Sunday, March 22, 2015

Another Time Saving Day

I keep trying to do a better job preparing for our busy week. I try different ideas and try to change what I make.
In this small TinCan and lack of real refrigerator space it is difficult. Sometimes I need to make other dishes during the week when there is more frig space.

Here is my weekend cooking spree.

First we wash the veggies.

I read an article that talked about how to make beans easier to digest and not leave us with so much gas.
They said to soak the beans overnight, rinse rinse rinse, bring beans to a boil and let stand for two hours and rinse rinse rinse. I then cooked these beans with brown sugar and onions and adding water. I cooked them until they were soft.
Hopefully this will correct the problem. We love beans and don't want to take any synthetic over the counter pill to correct this. 

Here is what I made so far this weekend.
Instead of buying chips I bake mine. First I spray each side with olive oil and bake them on my George Foreman Grill.
I store these in my kitchen. If you put them in the frig they will lose the crispness. Besides they go so fast when we have Costco Salsa in the frig.

I made a shiraka/olive oil sauce in a bowl with these chicken legs, mixed, and baked.
On the right are cabbage rolls. The filling has ground beef, brown rice, shiraka, cumin seed, salt, pepper, a bit of sugar, and half a bottle of Trader Joe's marinara sauce. I made 15 rolls. Each dish is topped with the balance of marinara sauce with a bit of sugar. Bake and serve.

 Remember to keep a sink bowl of soapy water to wash your dishes as you cook. This eliminates the mound of dishes after you prepare many dishes.

My last dish was a no brainier. Blueberry-Pistachio muffins. They make great snacks at work. Yes, there are only 11 left. Hubby got to the muffins before I put them up.

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