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Saturday, August 15, 2015

Organized in a Busy Life

Even if you don’t have children life can be very busy. Years ago most of us lived closer to work in smaller communities buying our groceries at “Grocery Stores” along with a full garden. Some had chickens and other farm animals.

Today we commute with our blue-tooth, coffee commuter cup, fast food breakfast, and GPS for directions. Way to many distractions if you live where we live…close to Houston. 

Some time ago I blogged about making a grocery list from your weekly menu, including what you need for lunch, breakfast, snacks, and deserts.

Here is what I do. I make my list then specify what store I buy this and that at. I use three stores. I have a list for each store. Since we are away from our home from 7:15am to 6:00pm I try to do my grocery shopping one weekend morning. Although lately we have altered that routine by doing the majority of the grocery shopping after work on Friday, after a relaxing dinner out on the way.

Why spend any time shopping for clothes or odds and ends at, let’s say, Walmart when you can shop online for all you need, other than groceries, and pick up the items at their customer service table on the way home from work. I also order my books online from the library and pick them up or drop them off on the way home.  The Dollar General is on my route home so I stop there if I need to.

You see what I am getting at? Decide what you need BEFORE the weekend and spend a few minutes getting things on your way home. DON’T go out of your way. PLAN PLAN PLAN. This way you have a relaxed weekend. 

Because we take our lunches to work I do extra planning. I make up a large bowl of fruit salad, maybe some macaroni salad, and anything I can quickly put in a container in the morning. I also make muffins for breakfast or a quick AM break at work. This weekend I am going to start making a batch of popcorn and take that to work for snack or have that after dinner while watching a movie. Most of the time, during the week, we get things together before we go to bed so we can have a relaxed breakfast and coffee in the morning. We get up at 5:30am because we don’t want a rushed morning. I don’t eat breakfast on the way or at work.

Anyway this is my opinion. It has been working for us. Hopefully soon we can just retire and raise those chickens, farm animals, and garden again. Sip our glass of wine on our porch before bedtime. Going back to basics is still our goal. Heck, it may be at the age of 65, but who cares.

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